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data threat


data threat


from 2022

450 B$

Economic Impact

No sector is immune to data leaks, and vulnerabilities can stem from multiple sources, including human errors, targeted cyber attacks, and security flaws in digital infrastructures. Even the online profiling to which we are continually subjected can become an opportunity for data leaks. Every day, our employees leave gigabytes of data on search engines and websites they visit, enabling malicious actors to compile dossiers.

A new tool is born! specifically designed for the corporate world that provides full control over your business data during browsing web & AI

We are the best ally for business web browsing!

Total control of data generated
during online searches
Browsing data anonimized, stored
in the data wallet and deleted every 24
No fake news during business searches
and corporate tools for teamworking
and contents sharing

Discover Weagle and its innovative features to prevent data leaks and hazards generated by browsing, and how it optimizes professional web searches in our privacy by design ecosystem

Your sensitive business data are not food for databrokers

Your privacy is worth more

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