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A new level of protection and data management productivity in your company

Weagle Features

Let’s go deeper

Weagle is a platform that provides web research and information sharing tools within a secure ecosystem, preventing data leaks and minimizing risks associated with careless browsing behaviors.

We created Weagle to meet the increasing need for specializedsecurity in safeguarding data during online searches.


Privacy by Design


Privacy by Design

Power Search


Better performing professional searches thanks to the Weagle Meta Search Engine and fake news filter

Data Wallet


Manage and organize all the data generated from browsing, grouped together in a convenient tool.

Analysis Tool


An analysis tool that works for you during browsing, preventing hidden threats on the network

CISO DashBoard


Set the security levels most suitable for your business and easily monitor browsing activity on a single platform

What can you expect from our solution?

Early Detection: We identify potential threats early on and block them before they can harm your sensitive data.

Continuous Analysis: Our tool performs constant analyses to prevent access to potentially harmful content.

Artificial Intelligence: We leverage advanced artificial intelligence technologies to anticipate suspicious behaviors and protect your data in real-time.

Tailored for Businesses: Our tool is designed to adapt to the specific needs of every corporate.

Total Control, Total Protection

New CISO Dashbord

Enhance your browsing experience with the Weagle Extension, offering comprehensive protection. Access Weagle's privacy and security features on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

The extension automatically sets Weagle as your default search engine, ensuring that every search and website visit is safeguarded within Weagle's ecosystem, giving you full control over your data.

Weagle Extension

Download the Weagle Extension for a complete protected browsing experience. You can use Weagle and all of its privacy and security features either on Microsoft Edge or on Google Chrome.

The extension sets Weagle as your default search engine. You will never again lose control over your data because every search you will make and every website you will visit will always be protected by Weagle's ecosystem.