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Weagle is a CISO-oriented ecosystem, specifically designed to facilitate the Information Security Officer in monitoring and protecting sensitive data during the employees’ browsing web & AI within a company.

New CISO Dashbord

Perform any search by querying the world’s major search engines simultaneously and optimize it with our powerful filters. Online searches have never been so fast and efficient.

Data Wallet

Anonymize and hide the web searches of your colleagues and coworkers to ensure the security of critical information. Weagle acts as an intermediary between the user and the search engines, concealing searches and storing the data in a wallet that is deleted every 24 hours.

Weagle + ChatGPT

Integration of ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence within Weagle with a new super-secure chat system.

Thanks to a series of security layers, every query you make to the system will be completely anonymous, protecting all your company’s data when employes are using AI.

The Ciso Dashboard

Weagle introduces an advanced dashboard specifically tailored for the CISOs of large enterprises, providing unparalleled control over online privacy. Safely manage your users' web activities through an intuitive and powerful interface.

Tailor security levels with advanced options, monitor and block dangerous websites, safeguard sensitive data in AI chats, and implement anti-malware and anti-phishing measures to ensure a secure online environment.

With this level of oversight, the Weagle dashboard empowers CISOs to proactively address potential threats, enabling quick intervention and risk mitigation.

Real time KPI

With our dashboard you gain a detailed overview of users' web activities. Explore danger profiles in their online interactions, from browsing to searches.

Elevate your monitoring capabilities with Weagle, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence for a proactive and resilient cybersecurity strategy.

Weagle protection Tool

We have created a tool that analyzes threats in real time during web searches, proactively protecting your company's employees.

The threat analysis tool detects malware, phishing risks, and suspicious code contained in the websites you are about to visit, alerting the user to potential dangers before they become a threat.

Thanks to the dashboard, CISOs will be able to set security parameters tailored to each browsing profile and keep online activities secure.